How to get the list of users who can view a confluence page using confluence product API?

I have a forge custom UI react app. I want to present the list of users who have permission to view the confluence page in a drop-down list component.

Any idea on which confluence Rest API to use?

Alternatively, I found the UserPicker component from AtlasKit.

The code works fine with requestConfluence from bridge module, but I am getting a 401 error in the console log. Failed to load the Resource.

null for uri:

Thank you.

Hi Karan

I’m from a Forge platform team. My gut reaction is the query=undefined at the end of your URL there.

Would you be able to confirm if it works when this is something else?

To help with further investigation would you be able to find a traceId/requestId in the response header?

In the meantime I’m asking the owners of the endpoint if your URI is valid.

The thread you were looking at relates to Jira and is associated with a Jira endpoint.

I don’t believe an equivalent exists for Confluence. I’ll double check but I’m not sure this is available. Would you be able to link to the documentation where the confluence equivalent is?