How to get the search info from a pluggable item in the issue navigator

Hello guys,

We are trying to get the search info (JQL or filter) from a pluggable item declared in the issue navigator (an item next to the Share and Export default Jira items there).

I know that looking at the referer is not the best option here and now it’s not possible too because it has been blocked, maybe because a Referer policy change.

Do you know any other way to get this data?


Hi Alvaro,

I can see a thread discussing possible workarounds to use in the place of the referer header which may help, it discusses a few different alternative options: What happened to referer header?


Hello @mpaisley,

Thank you very much for tell me that thread, but I think I cannot apply these solutions for this particular situation.

I’m trying to create aJira search request view but I’m having a problem because the URL can be so long because this module is sending all the issue keys as a query param. This is related with this thread. Can anyone put some light here?

Great thanks!

Also looking for a solution to this issue. It was working as a regular pluggable item up until about a week ago but something was changed with referrer, resulting in it only working in IE11. We switched to a search request view but the potentially very long issue list that is passed by the Atlassian redirector can break the request.

I answer myself here: the solution to this can be to create a modal view from your pluggable item and the get the Issue Navigator’s URL with the AP.getLocation method. Then, you can redirect to your main view with that URL if you need some info from them, and that way you can workaround the problem of not getting the referrer.

I hope it helps!

Hi Alvaro,

Thank you for sharing and I have one question on the filters.

You can grab the JQL using the AP.getLocation if the jql attribute is present in the url. But how do you do it for the quick link filters? They have only dummy filter numbers so how do you get there corresponding JQL.


Hello @johan.b.brodin,

As far as I know, they are not dummy numbers: negative numbers are related to default filters created by Jira and your own filters will have positive numbers.

If you want the JQL related to these filters you should use the Jira API to get it from the filter id. I think you should find easily the API call that correspond to this.


We are unfortunately completely stuck at getting the issues in a Jira defined filter! But I have seen other addon do this so there is a workaround somewhere…

We have added a webItems button and on click we open a dialogmodule

Then trying to get the issues in filter we have tried this!

  1. Doing “/rest/api/3/filter/-3” results in a unknown filter message
  2. “/rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/quickfilter/{quickFilterId}” looks good but the board id is not passed as a context parameter.
  3. Finally trying AP.context.getContext in the now open dialog returns empty…

Extracting issues in the filters or the corresponding JQL from the issue search view is very basic. So some help from the Atlassian team is appreciated.