How to make customers agree for new/changed EULA or privacy policy?

When installing apps from Marketplace there is information that by installing the app client agrees to Atlassian Marketplace terms of use and also app vendor terms of use and privacy policy.
(As I understand the Terms of Use are the EULAs.)

In case I’ll need to change EULA or privacy policy, what is the proper way to make sure client agrees to it?

For example I have in marketplace version 1.2.34 with version 1 of EULA. Then I put version 2.0.0 of the app to marketplace, but this requires to agree for new EULA → version 2.

Any guidelines how to achieve that with app in Marketplace and using paid-by-Atlassian option?

I was thinking that this is rather normal action done by people already having apps in Marketplace.
Maybe my assumptions are incorrect :thinking:. Maybe once client agrees to EULA with explanation that it may change there is no need to make client agree to modification again :smirk:.

I think most vendors simple have written in their EULA that they can update the EULA without prior notification, or that they will simply reach out to billing/technical contact if it changes significantly. That way, there is no need for the customer to actively agree to EULA changes.

Thanks @remie - sounds reasonable.