How to uninstall staging and production apps developed by Forge?

I build Forge issue glance application and Install it to Staging and Production environments. How can I uninstall those apps?

Hi @Stars,

When running the forge uninstall command, the Forge CLI will guide you through the uninstallation process and allow you to select the environment as well as the site.

Here is the output when I run that command on an app that I’ve deployed and installed in all environments:

forge uninstall
To uninstall your app from a site, select it from the list.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.
? Select where to uninstall the app:  (Use the spacebar to select multiple)
│ Environment   │ Site                      │ Product │
│ ❯ staging     │ <mysite>    │ Jira    │
│ ◯ development │ <mysite>    │ Jira    │
│ ◯ production  │ <mysite>    │ Jira    │

I find the above option being the fastest and most convenient.
If you prefer to use the UI, you could also browse to the <mysite>/plugins/servlet/upm URL and search for the app in question.

Each environment is shown as different app:

And can be uninstalled independently by expanding the app and selecting the Uninstall button:


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And one last thing: you might want to look into the Jira issue context module instead of the Issue Glance one.

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Does this mean I can uninstall my app from any customer site that has installed it?