How to update selenium browser version?


I’m running Selenium Tests as described in with the stateless test runner.
It works great, however the spawned firefox browser is quite old (version 44). How can I use a newer version instead?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @dennis.fischer ,

In theory, one can use -Dwebdriver.browser=(profile):path=(.*) to point to specific local browser binary; but that will still not work with newer versions of Firefox.

The issue is with the version of selenium that the stateless test runner relies on, it is currently 2.53.1, which does not support newer versions of Firefox (46+), hence being stuck on 44.

I am quite familiar with this issue, I would suggest using -Dwebdriver.browser=chrome for the time being; as we get a new version of confluence-stateless-test-runner over the line. I am afraid I cannot provide an ETA on when that would be available just yet.

Yes, I am quite familiar with gecko driver, and we already have done all the heavy lifting around upgrading our cross product test libraries to newer selenium version … the last piece of the upgrade puzzle is confluence-stateless-test-runner

So hmm, I didn’t quite answer your question did I :smile:

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Hello @viqueen,

I sort of expected that you’d answer (based on the commits w.r.t. conflucne-stateless-test-runner ) :wink:

Chrome did not work in my setup (don’t know why). I’ve had a look at atlassian-browsers-auto which seems to be the main driver of providing a browser with driver. As far as I understood it: atlassian-browsers-auto is set to version 2.8.9 for Confluence 7.4. Using 3.0.2 seems to “work”. There might be issues but so far I have not run into unsolvable ones. The problem you’re talking about is probably the reason why we have version 3.1.0-jira01 and 3.1.0-confluence for atlassian-webdriver-core.

Anyway, I will try to continue with this approach as it looks promising and will wait on a future update such that this workaround approach is no longer necessary.


Yup I recognise those magic versions.

I’ll keep you posted with new updates around the timeline as soon as I sort it out.


Hello @dennis.fischer !

It has been a while, and Confluence has added support for Selenium 3, which means you can start testing with newer browser versions.

Find all the details needed in here

Happy end of December season, and thanks for your patience!

Cheers !


Hey @viqueen,

sounds good! Nice article as well. Seems very useful to get going with Bitbucket Pipelines :smiley: