How to use mssql as store for the atlassian-connect-express

Hello :wave:

i am trying to create a jira connect app with atlassian-connect-express and want to use Microsoft SQL Server as store in config.json

here is my store configuration

        "store": {
            "adapter": "sequelize",
            "dialect": "mssql",
            "host": $DB_HOST,
            "port": $DB_PORT,
            "username": $DB_USER,
            "password": $DB_PASSWORD,
            "database": $DB_NAME

when i looked at atlassian-connect-express source code, i noticed that the options in store is not passed to sequalize except if the dialect is sqlite.

NOTE: i can’t use url option because the mssql dialect doesn’t support connection string

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Hi Adam,
If I’m not mistaken, MS SQL is not really supported out of the box – you will need to do some manual work and write your own storage adapter as mentioned in this thread:

While that discussion was about using Postgres, I believe the same applies to MS SQL: If you need to divert from the very narrow defaults in ACE, you will have to do it yourself.