Hello @oturaliogluetu, welcome to Atlassian Developer Community!

This post does not have a lot of texts and explanation to define what you’re facing and what goal you want to achieve. Based on the summary and image, I have arrived with the following assumptions (please correct me if I’m wrong) about your post:

  1. You followed the tutorial in
  2. Based on your screenshot, you are using a Windows machine
  3. Based again on the screenshot, you are failing when calling atlas-mvn package

If my understanding of the problem is correct, you are facing two known issues; please check these two issues for the suggested workarounds while waiting for the permanent fixes:

  1. ATLASSDK-93 - to fix 'else' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.
  2. ATLASSDK-179 - for the mavenPluginName related error

Moving forward, in order to help you better with your question, kindly add more details to explain the problem and what you are trying to achieve.

Hope this helps!


Hello İragudo I am new here and the system allowed me just add a screenshot. I can write now. I fixed problem with deleting line 115 and 116 in the atlas-mvn.bat file. I googled your second issue and ı found the solution thank you very much


I can’t get to the 2 issues listed above that give possible solutions (they both redirect me to

I figured out what needed to be deleted from atlas-mvn.bat (ATLASSDK-93) which got me past the else problem, but I’m still getting the error that I’m assuming is solved by ATLASSDK-179. How can I see these tickets (or can someone tell me what the solution is)?

Same here. Please make the solutions available to us all!

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