I can't turn off my Forge tunnel

Hi Team,

I’ve developing my app by running forge tunnel. But it became insane, because tunnel randomly fails my requests. Now I want to switch back to “forge deploy” development with rebuilding my frontend part manually. But I can’t do it. Here what I tried:

  1. Stop tunnel
  2. Delete tunnel configuration from my manifest.yml
  3. Redeploy my app
  4. Reinstall my app on my instance
    No results, when I open my app it still waiting for frontend hosted on my localhost, screen attached.

I hope for your help, thanks in advance.


I’m asking one of the teams involved in the tunnel flow.

Initial suspicions is our systems still believe there is a tunnel running.

A potential workaround would use the forge deploy -e staging and forge install -e staging.
Does the following work for you?

Would you be able to provide your app id?

I manage to solve these issues shutting down Docker.

I’m having the same issue on Apple m2. I tried using FORGE_DEV_TUNNEL=true because running in Docker didn’t work at all.
I followed the instructions here Quick tip: Tunneling without Docker (useful for Apple Silicon / M1)
But it also didn’t work.
Now I am unable remove the tunnel from my app, it is trying to load from localhost. I have tried redeploying, reinstalling, shut down Docker. Nothing works.

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I was able to get out of it by starting the tunnel again using Docker and then stopping the tunnel.