I have 7 active installation, how do I get more info?

I have searched through the FAQ, google group (the one that is archieved) and can’t seem to find the admin panel for vendors.

The one I have access to shows just number of active innstallations but it doesn’t say if they are paid customers and number of users each installation have.

How do I get more info about my earnings?

All the info is in the “Reports” under the vendor pages, not the add-on pages. To get to the vendor pages, click on your company’s name when in the admin section. While under evaluation, you don’t get much info. When your users subscribe to your add-on, you will see it under the “transactions” tab. In each transaction, you are going to see the price and number of users.

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ahh… thanks. Much better report!
Too bad all the installations are trials, 0 sales.
So gutting :frowning:

Take a look at the trials’ end dates. It may take up to two months before you see a conversion.

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