I have an App for sale on Atlassian Marketplace, but no much sales

I have an App for sale on Atlassian Marketplace.

Problem is I have no much paying customers and are do only 22k USD revenue since year 2012.

What would be reason for this? I get much feedback like “Do not meet my requirements”, “Not usefull” and, “Confusing Interface”.

I am developed it more now with work trainees financed by State of the Finland and these trainees do not understand anyting about my App like what really is Timesheet and what is Gantt Chart. They can only resolve the tasks given them by me.

Hi Matti,

Some of your apps are in direct competition with other apps that have been there for a long time and have much much more installs. These apps are always shown first in the search and people will most likely try them first. Unless your app has something drastically different that customers want, they will always go to the leader of the pack.

Regarding the customers’ feedback, you’ll have to write to them but from my own experience, very few people actually reply to you inquiry but when they do, it’s important information so I encourage you to reach out to them.

Finally, it’s normal that your trainees know nothing about the domain (timesheet and Gantt chart) and it’s not their duty either. You are the product owner who should know the product, the competitor and the customer needs.

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Rarely potential customers leave feedback with contact details and when they do they ever reply my inquiries.

I made Timesheet for Confluence as free add-on to marketplace at year 2008 and planed to do Timesheet for Jira. At year 2008 only competitor was Timesheet Reports and Gadgeds for Jira. I do not wanted to do Timesheet for Jira, because I haven’t enough skills to make licensing key system for my plugin and not wanted to publish my app free of charge. Also Credit and/or Debit Card payment systems is expensive exceluding PayPal method but our company was at that year Co’operative and I was only a one of the owners with lower than 1 % owner / shareholder positon and only way to sell with these detais was I just sent a wire trasfer invoice with IBAN bank account to customer. Now i4ware Software is 100 % of my own company and I have no other shareholders and took other shareholders to my company is imposible because it is not Ltd or Inc.

I think that was a big mistake I do not made Timesheet for Jira (now Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira).as free addon at 2008 and gather a some customer base for it and at year 2012 changed it for commercial paid-via-Atlassian App.

@matti.kiviharju I’m not sure I fully understand the context of this discussion. What question do you have? Whether or not your add-on sells is partially due to circumstances, however, if you do get a lot of “Does not meet my requirements”, “Not usefull” and, “Confusing Interface” feedback, maybe this is something you can work on? There are multiple add-ons on the Marketplace that have overlapping features and still manage to create a significant user base, partially because they have distinct differences in UI/UX or meet a very specific requirement. Maybe you can spent some time investigating the competition and see how you can make your app worthwhile for your customers.