Important: Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We wish for the Atlassian Developer Community to be a welcoming and inspiring environment for everyone, and we encourage you to be standard-bearers of this ethos. Together, let’s ensure our community is vibrant, respectful, and inventive.

As a member of the community, please:

  • Be friendly, and patient.

  • Be welcoming. We are a community that welcomes and supports everyone.

  • Be considerate. Others will use your contributions, and you will use theirs.
    Choices you make will have an impact on the community as a whole, so be mindful of your actions and always choose a non-confrontational approach.
    Remember: this is a global community. English is not everyone’s primary language!

  • Seek first to understand. We are a community of individuals, and each of us has a different background, education, and history.
    Don’t make assumptions or jump to conclusions. If uncertain, ask questions.
    Try to get clarity and further understanding about the reasoning behind a post before replying. Play as a team.

  • Be respectful. Disagreements happen, but personal attacks are unacceptable.
    The health of the community depends on all members feeling comfortable and supported.
    If you don’t agree, use discretion and be polite when offering contrary opinions.

  • Be careful with your words. Tone can be very hard to understand.
    What may seem obvious to you may not be to others, particularly non-native English communicators.
    Go the extra mile to be kind to others.

Our community is expected to abide by the Participation Guidelines, and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Anyone who violates this code of conduct may get banned from the community.

Reporting Issues

In the unfortunate occurrence that you encounter behavior that contradicts the ideals of the community, please flag the offensive content and contact us by:

We’ll handle all messages with discretion. Remember to include:

  • Your contact information.
  • Names (real, nicknames, or pseudonyms) of any individuals involved, including other witnesses.
  • A detailed description of what has occurred. (Please include links to a publicly available record, if able.)
  • Extra information that may be helpful.

What happens after you file a report?

We’ll contact you as soon as we’ve reviewed your report. After we’ve discussed the matter with you, and asked follow-up questions, we’ll make a decision on how best to resolve. If a community member in question is part of the ecosystem community staff, a different staff member will handle the report.
We will respect confidentiality requests to protect victims of abuse.

Attribution & Acknowledgements

This code of conduct is based on the Open Code of Conduct v1.0 from the TODOGroup. We are thankful for their work and all the communities who have paved the way with code of conducts