Impossible to reply to request on Jira Service Desk

I have an issue where I submitted the request to approve our app on the Marketplace.

Here are the steps taken so far:

  1. Submitted the app
  2. @ayarazarvi has replied to the request with followup questions (AMKTHELP-23055)
  3. When I press “View request” in the email from Jira Service Desk, I am taken to a page saying “No Access. You do not have permission to view this request.”
  4. As a workaround, I have sent a reply to the email from which the followup questions were sent (
  5. A couple of weeks later I have received a following email from Jira Service Desk ([BOT] Plugin Checker)

We haven’t heard back from you in relation to our last check-in.
More than 2 weeks have passed, and we just want to ask if you still need our help?
If you’re still experiencing problems, please feel free to re-open this request by adding a new comment and providing an update. Or you can manually transition to ‘Waiting on Atlassian’ and we’ll pick up where we left off. If we don’t hear back from you in a few weeks, we’ll close this issue.
This is an automated message
Vendor Support

It looks like my email replies are not being correctly assigned to the issue and I cannot access the issue itself.

@ayarazarvi: What would the best way to proceed and address your questions about how our app integrates with Jira? Thank you in advance!

Hey Dan,

Could you please retry to access the ticket?

Yes. It works now. Thanks a lot for fixing this!