Improved Confluence page PDF export (only backend)

Hey everyone, Nitish here from the Confluence Cloud Migrations team with an update on significant improvements our team has been making to PDF exports! Check it out on the changelog and let me know if you have any questions or concerns in this thread or via a direct message.

Hi @NitishMidha ,
Thank you for the update. Is API access to pdf export on the roadmap?

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Hi @NitishMidha,
Is there any way to have access to the changes before the releases? So that we can anticipate if we have any compatibility to do before Confluence releases. Many thanks for your help!

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Hi @marc , Currently there’s no plan for API access as such.

Hi @VanthikaYOS, the new service has already been released for developers, If your site is not part of the program, you can sign up here: Confluence Cloud: Developer-First Rollouts for Ecosystem App Developers

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does this involve any changes to the export_view content format or CSS batches as produced by the /contentbody/convert/export_view REST API?

We’re heavily relying on this API in most of our Confluence Cloud apps and any unannounced changes to the data format might break features in our apps.


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@NitishMidha is there a feature request for API access to PDF Export?