Include instance urls in Atlassian's emails

Dear Atlassian,

my Atlassian account owns multiple Atlassian Cloud testing instances. Occasionally, I get emails like this one today:

Subject: Upcoming maintenance to your cloud instance
Contents of the message:

Hi Matthias Gaiser [k15t],
We will soon be performing some maintenance on your Atlassian cloud instance to perform a routine database engine version upgrade. This update will involve some downtime on your cloud instance, up to 3 minutes, and will be performed before 3rd July 2023.
If you have a question about the upcoming maintenance, please contact Support.
Kind regards,
Atlassian Support Team

There are also similar emails, e.g. to add billing details in case I accidentally exceeded the user limit or similar messages.

Could you please consider to simply add the base url of the Atlassian Cloud instance to these emails? This would help me and lots of my colleagues a lot to identify which of my Cloud instances you’re talking about.

Thank you,


I’ll totally agree on that. And don’t forget OpsGenie emails.



Submit to their JIRA system as a feature request where we can upvote it (I know I’m being optimistic)

Thanks Matthias for bringing this up. :vulcan_salute:


As a consultant, I not only have my own sites but I am also an admin on lots of different customer Cloud sites. Recently I had to check more than ten different sites before I found the one that the email was about and could finally address the issue.