Introducing a new $0 price point for your 1-10 cloud app user tier

Last week we announced on Atlassian Community that cloud apps can now be priced at $0 for 1-10 users, and we’re excited to see that many of you have already started updating your pricing! Thank you and apologies for not communicating this more broadly sooner. We should have posted something here first, and we’re actively working to adjust our internal processes to improve proactive communication with you.

For more background on the pricing topic, in 2019, Atlassian introduced a Free edition for Cloud products, available for the 1-10 user tier (1-5 for Jira Service Management). Since then, we have been able to rapidly expand this customer segment, feeding our long-standing Land and Expand strategy. We want to give Marketplace Partners the opportunity to do the same. Starting now, you’ll get the option to set your 1-10 user tier price at any value, including $0.00, in order to land more small customers and expand your paid customer base when those customers grow.

What is changing?

Following our cloud app pricing tier changes in early July, we are now giving Marketplace Partners the option to set a 1-10 user pricing tier to any price, including $0.00, for Cloud apps. The below designs show how you can set the price of 1-10 tier to $0.


For end-users, apps with $0 price will be as shown in the below designs:


Note: The change to the 1-10 tier is not an Edition, but the ability to set the existing tier at any price including $0. For now, this will be the only exception to the current progressive discounting rule. However, we know that many of you want the ability to do true editions and we are working on that as part of our purchasing system roadmap. We will share more details on this topic as they become available.

Important details:

  • Support requirements for customers in the 1-10 tier - To be determined by you, the Marketplace Partner, as defined by individual EULAs or Terms of Use, regardless of price set.

For more guidance on setting your cloud app pricing, reference the documentation .

Learn more about this change on the Partner Portal here . If your company requires access to the Partner Portal and you meet Partner Program requirements (at least 1 paid-via-Atlassian app and a private domain), submit a request to set up your Partner access here. If your Partner account has already been whitelisted, you can otherwise validate your company email for Partner Portal access here .


Hi Maggie,

thanks for the summary! Quick question, will the in-app Marketplace also show these apps when filtering by “Free” in 10-user instances in the future? Because right now, it does not seem to work and only shows completely free apps. The details section then proceeds to show “$0” after trial:



Thanks :slight_smile:

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@HarshDhaka - do you have any plans you can share with @tobias.viehweger on this topic?

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Hi @tobias.viehweger - This is in plan and I will get back to you with a timeline post the holidays.


please do not mix free apps and freemium apps in the marketplace, it should be the same as currently in the category filter (free for all and free up to 10 users)

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Hi Everyone,
There is a slight change in the release timeline for the new report related to $0 licenses for 1-10 user tier. Earlier timeline that we had communicated was 20-Dec-21 but due to upcoming holidays, we have decided to push the GA date to 10-Jan-22.

Reporting for $0 1-10 user tier will consist of an API that delivers the following information:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Email Id of contact person
  3. number of users on the site
  4. Edition of the parent product



I still see some instances get charged for the free tier after enabling this, while most of them do not. Why is that?

Hi @RaimisJ ! Customers should see the new pricing in their next billing cycle after you’ve updated your app’s pricing. If you’ve noticed cases where this is not the case, please let @HarshDhaka and me know.

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There was an issue with the Grandfathering logic of pricing plan. This impacted a few apps and thats why existing customers didn’t transition to $0 pricing plan instead continued to be billed on old pricing plan.

The fix for this issue is going out today. We will share a more detailed page about the issue next week.



Hi Everyone,
Apologies for the delayed update on this.
As you are aware we are migrating to a new Commerce platform and as part of that some of the pricing tables that we are using to generate this report are getting migrated. As a result, we are also pushing this release out since the migration timeline is not very far and will impact the report.
We do not have a new timeline yet but we are working on identifying the changes and finalising a release date for the same so that there are no disruptions in this report once released.
We will get back on the date next week.


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