Introducing Content State API

We’ve recently added a new feature to Confluence: the ability to add a Content State to pages. To complement this, we have added endpoints for Getting, Setting, and Removing Content States from content. Additional endpoints for getting admin space settings for content states, and seeing all available states for a piece of content have been added as well. See the changelog for details:


Hi @EmileGivental , can you change the category to #announcements?


@EmileGivental Where is the end-user documentation of the “Content State” feature? I was unable to locate it.

I’d like to learn what this REST API can be used for, how it creates value for the end-user?


Hi @aron.gombas,

The documentation can be found here:

As for what the feature itself is, we have this community post that demonstrates what it appears as in the UI:

The feature itself is being turned on slowly in production, and is currently available to 10% of users. It can be found in our UI in the editor above the page title.

I hope this answers your question.


@amardesich, I’m adding you to this conversation because I really think this is a good example of the challenges that we’re going to need to tackle with regards to comms & announcements. There are three posts on three different places regarding the content state:

The community post to announce the feature to the Atlassian end-users

The Content API in the change logs

Introducing Content State API

Obviously, the community post does not include API documentation for developer. The change logs do not refer to the actual feature announcement, but only to the API documentation, and the announcement on CDAC only refers to the change logs.

For the developer community, this means that we need to get information from three sources and ask a forum question here on CDAC to get more insights into what feature has been released.

In order for us to truly benefit from the features Atlassian develops & releases, and to expand upon those features in our products to help unleash the potential of every team, we need a unified approach to announcements.


Thank you @remie this is a great example for us to learn from and work to make it easier to get the full story in one place. I hope our upcoming efforts lead to fewer examples like these, but please continue to flag them as they arise.