Introducing debugging with production logs

Hello everyone,

As part of a larger effort to provide insights into your apps, we have created a way for you to access production logs for your Forge apps. You can now work with your users to gain insights for debugging to identify and fix issues in prod.

Users can download log files for up to the last 60 days via Admin Hub and then send the file to you. The log files can be filtered by date and users are able to preview the file before downloading. This means more control for both app developers and users, resulting in improved privacy compliance.

What’s next?

We are currently working on providing continuous access to production logs so that they can be viewed across multiple installations once access has been granted by users.

We want your feedback!

As always, we are interested in any feedback you have. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below or DM me.

Kind regards,

Aditi Venkatesh


Great news Aditi! That’ll become an important feature when first support cases occur. Unfortunately production logs are not available for our app right now. :frowning:

Can we fix this somehow – or do we just have to wait a bit? :slight_smile:



Hi @JulianWolf ,

Thanks for raising this issue.

Is the app you are trying to access logs for an OAuth 2.0 (3LO) app? If so, you will not be able to download logs for this app as we only have access to the logs for Forge apps.



Thank you for reaching out!
No! It is a Forge app. It’s deployed to the development environment and running on a Jira Cloud instance. Maybe the logs are just working on the production environment? We currently can not test this as our marketplace approval is on hold due to the incident and the production env. is not usable until our approval is done :frowning:


Hey @JulianWolf,

Yes, logs are only available on production Forge apps at the moment. You should still be able to access your logs through the CLI if it’s still in development environment. :slight_smile:

Happy Forging!


It would be really good to have a consistent experience - being able to access logs from any enviroment via the ‘…’

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Hi @MWulff,

Thanks for sharing this!

The goal for this release was to provide a way of accessing production logs as this was not previously possible for Forge apps. We are currently exploring the ability to access logs from all environments in one place as part of the current effort to provide continuous log access.


Aditi Venkatesh

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