Introducing continuous access to Forge logs

Earlier this year we announced the release of debugging with production logs. This included users’ ability to download log files for up to the last 60 days via Admin Hub and then send the file to you. Some of you have raised concerns that debugging this way takes too long, as you have to ask users to download and send the log files multiple times to resolve an issue. Moreover, this process doesn’t scale when needing to troubleshoot issues for multiple customers at once.

So today, we’ve made it possible for users to enable log sharing through Admin Hub. This means you can access logs across multiple installations in the developer console, and therefore fix issues faster.

Users can still download and send the logs to you as before, which also allows them check the content of the logs if they need to. Their options for sharing logs are explained here.

What’s next?

We want to expand on this functionality to make it easier for you to gain a more complete picture of the information you need, so you can resolve issues for your customers faster. We’re keen to hear what improvements you will find most helpful.

We want your feedback!

As always, we’re interested in any feedback you have. Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this post or DM me.

Kind regards,

Angelina Ignatova