Introducing Forge app monitoring

Hi everyone,

As part of a larger effort to provide insights into the ongoing performance of your apps, starting today you will have access to basic Forge app metrics. The new metrics dashboard surfaces data aggregated from everywhere your app is installed and being used.

For instructions on how to access this new app monitoring capability, see View app performance.

Note that one of our top considerations when developing this feature is data privacy. The aim of Forge app metrics is not to replace continuous access to Forge logs, but to complement it. You will still need to ask your users to enable log sharing to help debug your app in some troubleshooting scenarios. In scope for the next release is the ability to break down metrics by site/installation and app version.

Initially you will have access to a couple of days worth of data, but this will build up over time.

We want your feedback!

As always, we are interested in any feedback you have. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below or DM me.

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Angelina Ignatova


According to the documentation page:

The following metrics are available for all function invocations. Please note this does not include code executing in a Custom UI iframe."

Does this mean that functions invoked by @forge/bridge isn’t tracked? Or just that whatever browser based javascript shipped with a custom ui app isn’t covered?


Hey @danielwester,

Thanks for reaching out.

Note that functions invoked by @forge/bridge are included in the metrics, however client-side JS isn’t, though it is being considered for future releases. Curious to see if you noticed something that led you to believe that functions invoked by @forge/bridge are excluded?



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Nope. Didn’t see anything that made me think it was I mixed.

Quite the opposite.

More often than not -reading Atlassian docs is a bit like reading legal contracts and every word counts. Just wanted the clarification to the expectation.

Thank you @danielwester, I recognise that sometimes it is difficult to interpret our documentation so we aim to constantly improve it. If we replace this sentence with:

The following metrics are available for all function invocations. Note this doesn’t include code executing in a Custom UI iframe, but includes functions invoked by @forge/bridge .

would that be clearer?




That would be better. We’ve just been burned a couple of times by features not being completely supported by Jira and the docs having it just mentioned in a single sentence 3 pages down.

Having my expectations managed from the start is good. :).


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