Is it possible to pull a list of sprints in a project via the REST API?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to pull a list of sprints using the Cloud REST API? If so, how would I do this?


Yes. You can get all sprints (for a board) using GET /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint. Notice the Jira Software-specific concepts (boards, epics, sprints, estimates) are in their own API separate from the base level Jira platform API.

That does not return ALL sprints it returns a maximum of 50 and for some reason it no longer seems to return the total anymore so you can’t work out how many times to loop round making a call to return the next 50 if you indeed want to return ALL sprints


Since the pagination does not follow it’s own specification, I have logged:

However, there is an undocumented isLast attribute in the response, which you can use in a loop until it is true. The following is an example of the last page of sprints:

  "maxResults": 1,
  "startAt": 1,
  "isLast": true,
  "values": [
    { ... }

Thanks for logging as yes i thought the whole point of having the maxResults was to prevent calls returning large datasets, now you have to make multiple short calls until it hits isLast, which is fine for smaller users but we have 30 projects with over a thousand sprints in each project just in my value stream this is probably going to prove problematic.


I understand how obtaining ~30k sprints is problematic. No matter how you slice it, I think your client will incur the complexity of data integrity and rate limiting. But can you elaborate on how isLast is problematic compared to total? It sounds like you have some additional perspective that needs to be in the ticket.