Is there any advocate at Atlassian for vendors?


Normally things work very well with Atlassian, but from time to time a conflict of interests arises.

In such case, values like “Open company”, “Don’t f#$k the customer”, “Team” etc., are slogans only and the reality is very different. You get full opacity, arrogance and a total lack of respect against your job with a smile on their faces.

I wonder if there is a sort of advocate at Atlassian for Vendors able to reconduct this situations to a true collaborative and communicative relation as a Team where arrogance and prepotency are replaced with respect and professionality.

If so, please share the contact.


@pablo I’ve seen your posts and looked at your ticket internally. I understand your frustration and am lobbying internally to get the attention you need for this approval.
But please, be a little more patient as your app is not a usual case. I’ve asked for some Jira DC veterans to take a look, but no guarantees at the moment what the outcome will be. What I will push for is a more technical discussion with you so that more shared understanding can be created.


@mcapka , thank you for your response and also for others’ responses at Atlassian. I will be patient, I do not ask for a quick approval or even for an approval itself. I understand this may require more effort than usual, I simply asked for give me a chance. There is a big job behind the app. Eclipse did not give me support even paying for that, so I worked very hard alone all the time to bring this to the Atlassian ecosystem and customers and I am want to be sure that if it is rejected is for reasons that I cannot resolve them. Thanks again.

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