Issue with Custom UI and Modal size

Hi, I have an application that is meant to open a modal dialog when the user enters the issue view page.

I am using the jira:issueViewBackgroundScript that, when executed, creates a new @forge/bridge Modal and opens it. However, the size of my rendered modal is not what I expected it to be. The rendered content on covers part of the actual modal.


I have not set any fixed size on my modal, the body where the text content is has some basic padding and the footer with the button has absolute positioning to be at the bottom. I am able to fix the issue by going up a few divs in the DevTools and changing min-height:100% to height:100% on some hosted-resource-iframe-container div and then setting the next child div of that container to have height:100%.

I am guessing that this is not a proper way to do this… any help?

Hi @JakobRoseke ,

The Modal documentation indicates the size of the modal is fixed and dependent on the size selected:

  • small - w: 400px h: 20vh minHeight: 320px
  • medium - w: 600px h: 40vh minHeight: 520px
  • large - w: 800px h: 70vh minHeight: 720px
  • xlarge - w: 968px h: 90vh
  • max - w: 100% h: 100%

Based on the width of 400, it looks like your screen shot is showing a small modal. Are you able to redesign your UI to fit the modal?

I didn’t understand what you meant by:

The rendered content on covers part of the actual modal.


Custom UI modals have a bug where the modals are dynamic height but you can’t set the content to be dynamic height: Option to disable iframe resizer in Forge Custom UI Modal

Atlassian is still struggling to bump up the priority from “minor”. This bug was reported over a year ago.

Here’s the ticket to vote and watch: [FRGE-819] - Ecosystem Jira

@AdamMoore @dmorrow can you guys please bump this ticket up to major: [FRGE-819] - Ecosystem Jira

I’ve got an open support ticket for almost two months now. They can’t even bump this bug from minor to major. You literally cannot have 100% height content inside Forge modals. Ridiculous.