Jira 8.0 (Server) official release imminent?

Is the 8.0 release imminent? I saw this notification yesterday.


jira.atlassian.com will be upgraded to Jira 8.0. Plan for the upgrade is visible in https://hello.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JIRASERVER/pages/358133578/JAC+Jira+8.0+upgrade+plan.
The maintenance will be performed by Jira Dev and IT Operations teams.

jira.atlassian.com now shows the following version:
Atlassian Jira [Project Management Software](https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira) (v8.0.0-m0028#800006-sha1:e79fbd6:i-0636106cf37ae1cbe:

Atlassian dog-foods Jira so it’s not uncommon for them to use it before it’s released.

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The beta release (this is the final release of Jira 8 EAP and is the version that will be Jira 8.0 unless any major issues are found) was released on Friday. So to answer your question, yes Jira 8.0 is imminent and will probably drop in about 2 weeks as that’s been the cycle for EAP releases.

What is a Beta Release?

We’ve heard from developers in the past that the last EAP version doesn’t match what gets released as the final version. To address this concern we have added a beta release version into the EAP pipeline. This release is the planned bits we will release to the public. This allows you to test any apps/integrations on the actual bits to be released before they are released.

Hey Ralph,

The announcement of the beta in this blog post here has Jira 8.0 GA “towards the end of January 2019. This will give you enough time to prepare for the change and still enjoy the new year break.”

If Jira 8.0 GA is in 2 weeks, that is right at January 1.

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Yeah after I posted it I realized that JSD 4.0 is only on EAP 8 so they’ll need to release a beta first before it’s all released as GA. Thanks for pointing that out. End of January sounds like the right timeframe.

@mark, yes, end of January is the correct timeframe.

We will also release a Release Candidate version about two weeks or so before the final release. It will be the same build as the final version to give app vendors a chance to test your apps before the final release.

Syed Masood, Product Manager for 8.0

The RC came out on January 23. Can we expect 8.0 official within 2 weeks (by February 6)?