Jira cloud add-on with new ADG 3 style

I’m completely confused about ADG 3 new styling. I have enabled my dev Jira cloud instance to ADG 3 evaluation and install my old version add-on. No one page or dialog now is working. I thought the new React component only for UI changes but looks like I have to change atlassian-connect.json descriptor as well. I can’t find any docs about that. Could anyone please point me how to create cloud add-on with ADG 3 components?

Thanks in advance!

Can you clarify your question @alex.matsarski?

It sounds like you might want to have a look at AtlasKit.

I have reviewed AtlasKit, as I understood it’s only about new UI component, right. No changes in descriptor schema and web items locations? Because what I see right now my add-on doesn’t work at all with old UI if I run it in ADG 3 dedicated Jira instance.

Hi @alex.matsarski, can you more specifically describe what problems your seeing? If they are bugs, you should report them in the ACJIRA project using the “New JIRA UI” component.

No changes in descriptor schema and web items locations?

There are no API or schema changes, however some web item locations will be rendered differently as described here: New JIRA experience for your Cloud add-ons