Jira Cloud Apps silently failing to install and no alerts to vendor

Hi, as a new Marketplace Partner, we’ve launched a couple of Jira Cloud apps recently.

The first app published, and then could be installed ok, but the second, although it published ok, cannot be installed by customers. When the ‘try it free’, then ‘install’ buttons are clicked, a brief cryptic window flashes up on the bottom left saying:

“We ran into a little trouble

Unfortunately, we’re unable to process your request. Please retry again in some time.

Got it”

Trying again later, many times, no luck - same fault - app cannot be installed.

However, no logs reporting this anywhere… We’ve raised a couple of
ECOHELP bug and incident reports with Atlassian, and it seems they’re working it, but no fix yet.

Is anyone else having trouble with apps silently failing to install?

Thank you


I wouldn’t be able to offer more than you’re already getting from ECOHELP but I am curious if you could share a bit more about the app that isn’t working and the mode of failure. Is it Connect or Forge? Is it failing only for some customers or intermittently (since, I assume, you can install it fine)? I know that error has been reported by other vendors as a problem into itself (and the lack of logging), but for helpful answers, more context would be really useful.

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@ProjectScienceLtd I was curious as we had something similar that we couldn’t reproduce recently for a customer - so I tried to install your latest Jira app from marketplace and it worked correctly for me.

In the past there have been issues like this related to the billing status of the instance, e.g. https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/MP-87. Are you able to reproduce this in other instances? For our customer that had this issue in a testing instance, changing the instance to developer mode and installing via marketplace descriptor directly did work - although would obviously not recommend this for customers or any purpose other than testing.


Hi @ibuchanan , @richard.white - thanks for your help! I’m pleased to say the fault has now been resolved by the ECOHELP team. In a spirit of continuous improvement, I’m waiting to hear back from that team on what the root cause was. It’s disconcerting to have an app non-‘installable’, yet no warning or alert that this has happened, so I’ll post back when I hear what the underlying issue was.

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Hi - heard back - “The cause of the issue was that when creating the app, the billing system didn’t populate a field on the database, therefore occurring the error with provisioning.”

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