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We have a couple of jira cloud add-on’s we want to migrate from Connect to Forge. One is an issue glance, and that migration is going well. The other is a dashboard gadget. I just wanted to confirm that creation of dashboard gadgets is not yet supported in forge, correct?

I don’t see it listed here https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/manifest-reference/modules/ but I wasn’t sure if that was a full list of the supported extension points.



Hello Rachel! Thank your question and for using Forge! You’re correct, dashboard gadgets aren’t supported in Forge (yet). The list is indeed a full list of all supported extension points.

We’re continuously adding new Forge extension points to Jira. I believe that dashboard gadgets should be added later in the future, but at this point I can’t say when it will be done.



@sskorc any news about forge supporting dashboard gadgets? I am hoping to build a gadget that will fetch and display open github pull requests with a certain label.

It looks like the best support for this would be connect:

But would love to try out forge!

Hello @schnerpkins! Yes, we’ve been working on adding Forge to Jira Dashboards for quite some time! However, this isn’t a thing my team has been doing, so I can’t tell anything more. Anyway, I’ll ask my colleague to provide you with any more details.

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Hi @schnerpkins I am on the team working on adding support for Forge in Jira Dashboards. We are still in early days, so it won’t be ready for third party developers for quite a few months still, possibly late August/September. I am happy to keep you updated as the timeline becomes a bit clearer :slight_smile:


Hello, any news on this?

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Dashboard gadget urgently needed in Forge !

We need this, too. Any change to have this added soon?