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We have a couple of jira cloud add-on’s we want to migrate from Connect to Forge. One is an issue glance, and that migration is going well. The other is a dashboard gadget. I just wanted to confirm that creation of dashboard gadgets is not yet supported in forge, correct?

I don’t see it listed here https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/manifest-reference/modules/ but I wasn’t sure if that was a full list of the supported extension points.



Hello Rachel! Thank your question and for using Forge! You’re correct, dashboard gadgets aren’t supported in Forge (yet). The list is indeed a full list of all supported extension points.

We’re continuously adding new Forge extension points to Jira. I believe that dashboard gadgets should be added later in the future, but at this point I can’t say when it will be done.



@sskorc any news about forge supporting dashboard gadgets? I am hoping to build a gadget that will fetch and display open github pull requests with a certain label.

It looks like the best support for this would be connect:

But would love to try out forge!

Hello @schnerpkins! Yes, we’ve been working on adding Forge to Jira Dashboards for quite some time! However, this isn’t a thing my team has been doing, so I can’t tell anything more. Anyway, I’ll ask my colleague to provide you with any more details.

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Hi @schnerpkins I am on the team working on adding support for Forge in Jira Dashboards. We are still in early days, so it won’t be ready for third party developers for quite a few months still, possibly late August/September. I am happy to keep you updated as the timeline becomes a bit clearer :slight_smile:


Hello, any news on this?

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Dashboard gadget urgently needed in Forge !

We need this, too. Any change to have this added soon?

There is Trello card for this feature

Oh, there was Trello card, it was archived today. Edit: moved to dedicated Forge roadmap and there is still [FRGE-207] Add Dashboard Item Module, we can still pin our faith on.

Hello! Sorry for keeping you waiting, we needed to pause the work on Forge in Jira Dashboard support, but we’re now back to it! The plan is to release UI Kit support first and then work on Custom UI support. I recommend you to watch this ticket to track the progress. Also, once we ship something we’ll inform here in Developer Community and in Forge Changelog.

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Hi again! I’m happy to inform that UI Kit support for Jira Dashboards is there! You can read more about that in the announcement post: Support for UI Kit Jira Dashboard Gadgets