Jira Issue Context Panel EAP

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ahmud and I’m a Product Manager in the Jira Cloud Issue Experience team. We are launching the Issue Context module as an Early Access Program (“EAP”) to collect your feedback and ensure that this functionality is the best that it can be.

The Issue Context Module is moving Forge and Connect ecosystem apps from behind the glance view into their own separate group that individual users can expand/collapse. This change will make it easier for users to find and update fields in the new issue view.

What do I need to do?

We will be providing a new extension point,the jira:issueContext module, to replace our current glance API for Forge and Connect . You will need to replace the jiraIssueGlances or jira:issueGlance module definition in the app descriptor with jira:issueContextfor Connect and Forge apps.

Additional reference documentation is available to EAP participants.

How to sign up for the EAP

Access to this EAP is controlled via a feature flag that is set per instance. If you would like to test out this feature, please reply to this post with the URL of the test site where you would like the feature to be enabled.

If you do not wish to share your site name in a public forum, you may also message it to me privately here on the Atlassian Developer Community or email me at aauleear@atlassian.com




Hey @AhmudAuleear,

Do you mind clarifying how the migration from issue glance to issue context works?

This is what I would expect:
The Connect/Forge app can declare both the issue glance and issue context module in parallel for some time. Once the issue context view is rolled out to all customers, we can remove the issue glance module.



Hi @AhmudAuleear
Please enable this EAP for our site: https://appsvio-eap.atlassian.net


Please enable this for my site:

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