Update: Replacement of glance panels in Jira’s new issue view

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My name is Ahmud and I’m a Product Manager in the Jira Cloud Issue Experience team. I want to share with you an update that we will be releasing the Issue Context module in the next few weeks. We made an announcement in February for how content from apps are displayed within the new issue view.

The previous announcement goes into detail about the changes we are making and why. In summary, we are moving Forge and Connect ecosystem apps from behind the glance view into their own separate group that individual users can expand/collapse. This change will make it easier for users find and update fields in the new issue view.

What do I need to do?

We will be providing a new extension point,the jira:issueContext module, to replace our current glance API for Forge and Connect. You will need to replace the jiraIssueGlances or jira:issueGlance module definition in the app descriptor with jira:issueContextfor Connect and Forge apps, no later than 6 months after it is available. We will release detailed steps on what you need to do to update your app when we release the feature.

By when do I need to do it?

The new extension point will be available in mid-October. Be sure to watch the Jira changelog on DAC for the official release of the new API (the Issue Context module) and the deprecation of the old API.


Hello, @AhmudAuleear, would webPanel located under “atl.jira.view.issue.right.context” be affected?
Regards, Serhiy.


Hi @sergey ,

This change doesn’t affect web panels. I’m assuming you are referring to web panels in Old Issue View. We highly encourage you to use the Issue Context module so your app displays correctly in the New Issue View.



The atl.jira.view.issue.right.context web panel location is still available in the New Issue View, right?

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Hello @AhmudAuleear , do you have a more precise date on when the new Glance view navigation will be rolled out?
Thank you!
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Hi @ElyesGannoun,

We will make an announcement here when we have a precise date.


Did you mean mid-October '23?

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