Jira Issue Webhook: customfield_10020: Issue Sprint Information

Greetings I’m wondering how stable customfields are? Are they consistent across projects? Cloud vs Server?

I am receving a webhook for issue updates, and issues that are on scrum projects are showing a field:

        "customfield_10020": [
          "com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint.Sprint@40aaf35c[id=1,rapidViewId=2,state=CLOSED,name=TS Sprint 1,goal=,startDate=2019-11-22T17:13:15.221Z,endDate=2019-12-06T17:13:00.000Z,completeDate=2019-11-22T17:15:05.352Z,sequence=1]",
          "com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint.Sprint@29a68782[id=2,rapidViewId=2,state=ACTIVE,name=TS Sprint 2,goal=,startDate=2019-11-22T17:53:32.384Z,endDate=2019-12-06T17:53:00.000Z,completeDate=<null>,sequence=2]"

I would like to use this in order to track which sprint (if any) an issue is in, but was wondering if it is stable and can be relied on?

Thank you

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For Cloud, you should read this post: Unexpected change to API response for sprint / sprint field in Jira Software Cloud

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