Jira OAuth 2 and max header size


I’ve been having an issue ever since the migration to the new scopes mentioned here


It seems to me that when I add more scopes in my OAuth 2 app, I face this issue which is the response from atlassian server. due to the max header size.

To my understanding the access token generated by atlassian after the initial request does contains list of the scopes were requested for, so the more scope I request in my app, cause bigger token size, following bigger request header.

My question what I’m doing here wrong? is this how it supposed to be or do I need to change something?

My OAuth 2 app requires ca. 70 scopes added in order for the user to interact with Our jira cloud space using the API.

Hi @MohamedAly,

I believe this relates to the issue reported on [FRGE-643] - Ecosystem Jira.
It looks like this is happening when adding a bigger number of scopes.

Can you check if you have access to that ticket? I’ll be linking this post to it as well.


Thank you for reply Yes I can access and read that ticket, So it seems it’s known bug, is there timeline when will it fixed?

Facing the same issue. It would be great to see it being fixed.

Hi @LalitIndoria, all,

The rollout of the granular scopes has been paused now (see this post where we shared that: Pausing the rollout of new scopes for Forge and OAuth 2.0 (3LO) apps), so the quickest way to resolve this now is to use the classic / non-granular scopes.