JIRA - Rich-Text-Editor not loaded in Admin-Configuration



I have implemented a Configuration-View for administrators with a Rich-Text-Editor. I added the editor like I did before in some other views but unfortunetly the editor doesnt render correctly in my admin-config-view…

In any other view I use the Rich-Text-Editor it works fine just like in this screenshot

Here is my java function to load the editor

        final RendererManager rendererManager = ComponentAccessor.getRendererManager();
        final Map<String, String> rendererParams = new HashMap<String, String>();

        final JiraRendererPlugin wikiRenderer = rendererManager.getRendererForType(
        final JiraRendererModuleDescriptor descriptor = wikiRenderer.getDescriptor();

        rendererParams.put("rows", "45");
        rendererParams.put("cols", "40");
        rendererParams.put("wrap", "virtual");
        editVmWithHtml = descriptor.getEditVM("",

How is it possible that the editor doesnt work for my admin-config-view? What do I have to consider when using rich-text-editor in administration-view and why isnt it documented???

BTW: I require the web-resources for the editor via PageBuilderService




Greetings dude, you ever found a solution?

I’m having the same problem; doing more or less the same thing as you are, tryna get the text editor in the admin config page of my plugin.

I think I know what I’m missing (some JS or CSS) but don’t know where to get it. I’m including the jira-edit-plugin dependency in atlassian-plugin xml for my admin-config page context, I see the stuff being loaded, but nothing is being initialized. Maybe I need to call some sort of init() function from JS on the textarea?