"JIRA Service Desk compatible" flag on addons seems misleading

Hey Marketplace team,

As a vendor, I can mark my add-on as JIRA Service Desk compatible. This is great. Except that it seems like an arbitrary flag that everyone is checking, thus making it rather useless to consumers.

When you look out in the Marketplace, there are a ton of addons marked as compatible, yet they do absolutely nothing to actually enhance the Service Desk functionality.

It seems to me that this should be improved.

Any thoughts on that from others?


Jira Software should have a compatibility flag.

Every Jira core addon is Jira service desk or software compatible, which indeed seems to be a nonsense :wink:

The flags could be called Service desk extension or software extension. And additional Api checks could be made during marketplace publishing process to detect the compatibility.

Additionally, adding only “SERVICE DESK” badge confuse many customers. I have many calls, emails in which they’re asking whether the plugin is only supporting service desk.
I know there is a tooltip describing the meaning but from the customers’ point of view it should not be clear so that I’m getting those questions.


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