JQLEditorConnect render error


I’m trying to run the connect-jql-editor-app and I’m getting an error while rendering the JQL editor: Uncaught TypeError: Class constructor st cannot be invoked without ‘new’.

I’ve tried running it using node 12.18.4 and 17.6 with no luck.

Can someone help me?


@joshp have u ever seen this one before?

I managed to make it work. Turns out the problem was due that the jql-editor depends on prosemirror and some of the jql-editor dependencies also depend on prosemirror (but different versions of it).
Having multiple versions of prosemirror was causing the error.
Adding this to the package.json did the trick:

"resolutions": {
  "prosemirror-model": "1.16.0",
  "prosemirror-state": "1.3.4",
  "prosemirror-transform": "1.3.2",
  "prosemirror-view": "1.23.13"
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