JQLEditorConnect render error


I’m trying to run the connect-jql-editor-app and I’m getting an error while rendering the JQL editor: Uncaught TypeError: Class constructor st cannot be invoked without ‘new’.

I’ve tried running it using node 12.18.4 and 17.6 with no luck.

Can someone help me?


@joshp have u ever seen this one before?

I managed to make it work. Turns out the problem was due that the jql-editor depends on prosemirror and some of the jql-editor dependencies also depend on prosemirror (but different versions of it).
Having multiple versions of prosemirror was causing the error.
Adding this to the package.json did the trick:

"resolutions": {
  "prosemirror-model": "1.16.0",
  "prosemirror-state": "1.3.4",
  "prosemirror-transform": "1.3.2",
  "prosemirror-view": "1.23.13"
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Hey @HelderAlves sorry for the disruption and I’m glad you were able to find a work around.

I’ll be looking to publish a fix for the jql-editor package to stop this error from recurring.

Thanks for your patience and reporting this issue,

Thanks for your patience. The example connect repo and internal jql-editor dependencies have been updated to help mitigate this issue.

It’s still possible to run into this problem if your app bundles incompatible versions of prosemirror dependencies but npm install should now work out of the box when adding @atlassianlabs/jql-editor-forge or jql-editor-connect as a fresh dependency to your app.