June Developer Event

June is here and @danielwester is raising the bar for the monthly developer community get-togethers! In place of the standard three events we’ve had over the past couple of months (Marketplace Partner Get Together, Developer Get Together, and DX Office Hours), we’re going to smash them all together into one big monolithic event. :t_rex:

Date: Tuesday, Jun 29 - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CEST)

This two-hour event will follow the Lean Coffee format and we’ll have different folks driving different topics. Get together with fellow developers and Marketplace Partners talk shop. We will also have the capability for anyone to have side conversations if they want to.

We’ll be trying out Welo for this event. We’ll have a big space for folks to hop in and join conversations with various groups. Check out @daniel and I hanging out below :point_down:

Different conversations can take place across the room and you’re free to leave and join circles as you see fit. We’ll plan on having different folks leading topics in different circles. :chair:

Come for part or stay for all of it! :partying_face:


Since we are able to have parallel conversations (and longer ones too) - please let us know if there are any general topics (Forge, Connect, Marketing, etc) that you would like to talk to other about.


@bentley Definitely take a look at Skittish for a future event!

That said, I like Welo. It’s very professional, for sure.


I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

We also have used Welo for events/formats like this and I think it actually works quite well to join/leave conversations based on your own interest.


I’ll be there, where do i sign up?

Ah, I see that the URL got unfurled into a box and is easy to miss: See Developer and Marketplace Partner get-together - June at Atlassian Community Events Atlassian Developers

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We’ve opened up a Trello board to start collecting topics to discuss during the Lean Coffee. Feel free to join the board and add yours to the list: https://trello.com/invite/b/OoDYcWG8/211a8e5ee7b31f9d405de83ecee10965/june-lean-coffee-main


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