September and October Developer Events 👻

:wave: Seems like most folks are getting back into the swing of things after some summer/winter holidays.

Join me and other Atlassians developers next week 2021-09-28T13:00:00Z for a Lean Coffee. Sign up at Atlassian Developers Lean Coffee.

Don’t fret, @danielwester isn’t retiring from running these! Given that Halloween :jack_o_lantern: is nearing, I’m just trying to get as much practice in as possible for my Daniel costume :ghost:. We’re planning to continue to take turns hosting/running so that one person isn’t always on the hook!

If you’re keen to chat more about the Atlassian Marketplace and the business-side of things, hang tight–we’re working on scheduling a Marketplace Lean Coffee sometime in early October. @danielwester will be back at the helm for this one.

And hold onto your shorts :shorts:, we have another Welo-based hangout queued up for 2021-10-20T06:00:00Z. Join the DX team, Forge folks, and anyone else we can round up for a couple of Lean Coffees and general conversations: DX and Forge Office Hours.

This will be similar to the June Developer Event but we’ll use a central Lean Coffee as a jumping off point and encourage folks to take topics of conversation off to smaller groups as needed.


Any chance to get someone from the Bitbucket Cloud team on board? That would be a treat!

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