Latest updates to the in-product marketplace!

G’day Marketplace Vendors,

Ecosystem has been through a lot of changes lately (new office, new team) and just a few months with the new team ramped up, we’re excited to share some of the latest changes the team has been working on. Some of you may have noticed a new experience for Marketplace in your Cloud instances and this has been the overhaul of many months work (old and new team collaboration) to make analytics, design and backend improvements to the in-product marketplace experience for our Cloud products.

With the new improvements, product administrators will see an improved version of the in-product Marketplace and be able to get the information they need directly from the in-product marketplace and app listings.

For vendors, this means your listings in the product will better reflect your online listings and include both video and images directly in the app listing.

Read on to learn about the two big improvements to the design and functionality that we’ve made so far this year.

  1. A new experience for Discover Apps home page

Crisp, clean, and simple. The new apps home page is discoverable from Jira settings > Apps and adopts the same tile structure our users are familiar with in the online marketplace. Use the filters to sort by categories, top rated, top vendor, free and more, or search directly for an app in the top search bar.

The in-product Marketplace uses the same algorithm as the online Marketplace to surface apps. For a refresh on how the Marketplace algorithm works, visit the search ranking and results page to understand what you can do to boost your search results.

2. A new and improved app listing page

The latest update to the in-product marketplace is the enhancements made to our app listings. Now the new app listing will show you even more information so you don’t have to go to the online Marketplace to learn more about the app, you can view the app details directly from within the product.

Customers can watch product videos, browse images, and review app details all directly from the product and even get an estimate of the price for the size of the instance they have. Once a customer is ready to try a new app, they can click the “Try App”, or “Get App” (if it’s a free app), and a confirmation screen will pop up for a quick review of the app details.

These app listings pull in all the available information from your app listing page on the online Marketplace. The example below shows the current template for the online app listings if your listing has at least 3 images and a video. For listings with less information, the page will follow a similar layout as seen here, taking in as much content as is available on the listing online in order of left to right. The more information you can provide on your listing about your app’s functionality, the better the customer will feel about making an informed decision to install your app.

We’re excited to rollout these new changes and will be making more updates in the future. Let us know what you think of this new experience in the comments below.


Love the new in-product listing! Looks very compact :slight_smile:

Hey, this looks great, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Will the UPM for hosted installations (DC/Server) be updated in a similar way?

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Hi @david.toussaint currently the focus in on improving the in-product experience in cloud first. Not sure when this will be built out in server/dc.

Any chance of getting a way of deep linking to the in-product experience? Linking to the marketplace for cloud makes for a very very long user experience…


@danielwester is right. We see a signicant drop off in our marketing funnel when we send people to the marketplace to start an evaluation, it would be great to short cut it

@danielwester @alan.parkinson I completely agree with you both and it’s something that we’re looking at building into the in-product experience for cloud.

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