Launch of Issue Context Module

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Does this work in the iOS app for anyone? Issue glance worked. Switching to this nuked it from the mobile app despite what the docs say.

Edit: they’ve fixed it. Works now.

Hi @tbinna ,
For issue 1- we are working on a fix so the background color can be removed. This work is being actioned by another team and I don’t have a date yet but it is in progress.

For Issue 2, there is no planned to allow adjusting this based on the theme yet.



Thanks for the update @AhmudAuleear. Yes, priority should be on issue 1, and it is good to hear that a fix is in the works.

I would like to kindly ask you to update us when the fix has been rolled out. It is important that this feedback loop is working (deprecation date is set for the 6th of October!!).

The Forge issue-context module has issue with height - Refer [FRGE-1202] - Ecosystem Jira.

Any timelines on rolling out the height issue fix for the issue context Forge module?

@AhmudAuleear, I wanted to check in to get an update on issue 1 reported a while ago.

Can we please get a clear ETA. The set deadline is less than 2 weeks away.

Hi @tbinna, I’m an engineer from the design system team. The work to enable surface detection in Connect recently landed in Jira (the Connect docs haven’t been updated yet).

Judging from your screenshot, it looks like the background color causing the problem is coming from the Connect app’s styles (looks like the Atlassian CSS reset). You should be able to fix this by using the new ‘current surface’ token, for example, body { background-color: var(--ds-elevation-surface-current); }. The current surface token will resolve to the surface color that it’s placed on, which will be --ds-surface in the full page view and --ds-surface-raised when inside the modal.

You can check out the new surface detection docs here.


Hey @MitchGavan

I went through your suggestion, and that seems to do the trick. Thanks for jumping in and helping out!

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Great to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

The order of the issue context module is random. Is there any existing ticket we can vote for this to be improved? Is it truly random or is the app installed first, appearing first?

Hey Community,

Thanks for being patient with the migration from the glance panel to the context module. After careful consideration, we have decided to delay the deprecation till the 30th of November. We understand the importance of smooth transitions, and after reviewing the feedback and assessing some technical challenges, we believe this extension will allow everyone ample time to adjust.



Hi @LukasGotter,

The order of the issue context module is random. There is a ticket to vote for this feature request. I’ll find it and post it here.

HI @AhmudAuleear ,

Has anyone reported issues with the iframe width when using Forge issue-context module? In my case the width is not set correctly when the iframe is loaded…

We just noticed the same thing for our Connect Issue Context module

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Hey @MitchGavan @AhmudAuleear, I just wanted to report that the surface detection is broken or something changed. The example below is from the Jira automation issue context module. This has been working fine for the past month.

Could it be that this has been rolled back with the fix for the width issue above?

Hey @tbinna, thanks for bringing this to our attention, there has been a change to the way this feature works and part of its deployment has been delayed. It should be resolved once unblocked but it shouldn’t be too long. I’ll let you know when it’s back up – Apologies!

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Ok looks like the blocked deployment is making it’s way out now. Hopefully, we should start seeing the working solution within the next 24hrs.

Any idea if this is currently broken in issue Dialogs? Because it used to be working so we removed our custom logic, now, since this week, or maybe longer, the surface detection does not seem to work anymore… @DanielDelCore is this related to what you posted? It looks very stupid unfortunately - should we add our custom logic again or is this being fixed?


@DanielDelCore, as @tobias.viehweger mentioned above, surface detection is still broken for us (in our case the context panel). I assume there are no code changes required on our side.

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