Legal documents preparation. Use generator, outsource it?

So I’m at a point where I would like to make my app public. While setting the marketplace options, there are several places where legal documentation is needed. This includes:

  • Data security and privacy statement
  • Customer terms (reffered as EULA on marketplace)
    (Did I miss anything?)

I’m not a legal person, so to be honest this looks quite difficult task for me. Being a one person company at the moment also means no legal dept. or anyone in the company that could help with the topic :slightly_frowning_face:.

I imagine that lot of points that should be in those documents are similar or even the same for many apps. For all cloud apps that use “Paid via Atlassian” model, the main differentiator probably is whether user data are stored or not (plus company name, product name etc.).

So I thought it should be possible to create kind of generator, that by checking several options allow to generate decent documents.
I’ve put “EULA Generator” to google and received quite a number of links.
Still, I’m unable to state what they are worth.

So the question is: did you use or know about such legal documents generator and can recommend one?
Maybe you know some lawyer or law firm that is already aware how Atlassian Markerplace app work and could prepare the legal papers for reasonable price?

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Just be aware that your documents will depend on where your company is based. E.g., if you are in the EU, you can’t just copy a US legal document.

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