List of API does not include Create Issue: Really?

I am at API List.
I need to have my Automation tests create an issue when they run their tests.
All our activity MUST be recorded in JIRA.
What am I missing? Do you not have a Create Issue? Or did you do it another way?
Thanks very much
Steph Beach

They actually do. It’s part of the Jira Core API :slight_smile:


awh, @yvesriel is blazing fast with his response :smiley:

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18 min after the question is not that blazing fast :wink:

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It is Blazingly fast: Thank you very much.

Had to be somewhere. When you guys are in Littleton Ma,
look me up: Beer is on me.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s just a 5 hrs drive for me but I would need to get my passport in order first :grin:

The beer at Rapscallion in Acton is worth it. :slight_smile:

Recommendation: If you are using the Jira API against Atlassian Cloud then we recently added in Postman Support: Postman now delivering to!

That’s GREAT to know. Thanks