Making hosted storage better for you in FY21

Thanks to everyone who attended the sessions! If you missed out, you can catch the recordings here:

These are two separate meetings for what is essentially meant to be the same discussion, so I’d say there’s limited incremental utility in watching both vs just the one. Option 2 was a slightly livelier session that provoked a bit more discussion, so that’s the one I’d recommend catching if you need to pick one to watch :slight_smile:

Original post below:

Hey folks!

One of the key areas we’re looking to make progress on in the Ecosystem Platform is providing you with better hosted storage/persistence options inside of the Atlassian Cloud.

We’ve heard your feedback on this, and want to go deep with you all on the topic. By understanding what a compelling offering that meets your needs should look like, we’ll be able to get it in your hands sooner and make sure it’s delightful to work with :smiley: .

To that end, if this is a topic that’s relevant to you and your apps, we’d love to speak with you.
@HeyJoe, @MichaelOates, and other legends from the Ecosystem crew will be dialling in to an open Zoom call on Tuesday the 26th of May at 9:00am CET (Google “9am CET in $YOUR_TIMEZONE ” for conversion).

Edit: We’ve added a second option that’s more US-friendly on Thursday the 27th of May at 5:00pm GMT-7 (SF).

We’d like to share our thinking so far, ask a ton of questions, and kick-start the process of making hosted storage an awesome experience for Ecosystem developers. Whether you’re using app properties, entity properties, or your own solutions because of that pesky property cap/other reasons – sharing your experiences in this chat would be invaluable, and greatly appreciated by the team.

If you’d like to be a part of it, leave a comment in this thread and shoot me a direct message with your email address to receive an invite. If you can’t make it, don’t worry - we’ll share a recording in this thread.

:wave: Cya there!


I’m in.(13 chars add)


Hey Simon,
great initiative! I’d like to participate and just sent you my email address.

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Yep, also interested in this :blush:

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Very much interested!

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Awesome. Finally!! This is going to be a game changer!


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I’am very interested!

I would like to attend as well!

Count on me! :slightly_smiling_face:

Count on me, guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

Highly interested in this! :smiley:

Interested in this initiative!

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I’m very interested.

Most excellent, that’s a key enabler for many Cloud app use cases :slight_smile: - count me in!

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me too - and now I understand @danielwester’s joke :arrow_up:


I am also very interested. See you folks on tuesday :smiley:

Will this be recorded for those of us out of region?


I’m very interested. Looking forward to Tuesday