Marketplace: Forge apps that need to be installed on two products

In the “Llist an Atlassian Forge app” section of the marketplace docs is says:

"The Forge platform lets developers build apps that are compatible with multiple products.

However, the Marketplace doesn’t currently support cross-product apps. If your app is compatible with multiple products, you’ll need to create two Forge apps using the same code base, and publish two separate listings on the Marketplace. Note, Forge apps listed on the Marketplace aren’t able to make API calls across different products and instances/installations."

I have an app that uses data from Confluence in Jira and, due to permissions, needs to be installed on Confluence as well as Jira. There is no functionality in confluence, just permission settings.

My understanding is that I need to install the same app on Confluence to make this work, so the above work around of creating a different app for Confluence won’t work and I don’t want to list the app on the market place to find out!

So my question to you all is How can I list my app on the marketplace, or is this not possible?

Note I have attempted registering a separate Confluence app in development, but as expected that doesn’t work (it doesn’t know what it’s talking to). Other work around’s would not be good security wise.

Here’s hoping there is a Market place solution soon.

Try to use login with oauth2 to the confluence from jira