Marketplace listing page design: image width

In July 2021 @skanodia shared a post regarding the new Marketplace listing design which was followed with much feedback from developers. Most of the feedback seems to be implemented, but there’s still a major bug that causes all kinds of parts of the page to be rendered on non-round pixels.

Unfortunately this also results in the marketplace listing images are never really shown pixel perfectly. So all the effort app developers put into creating their amazing images are ruined, as they’re shown at 550.39px by 312.52px, which results in a different aspect ratio than 960px / 600px.

The frontend code used by Atlassian to show the images in the right aspect ratio makes sense, but due to the width of the Container div, the outcome of that calculation returns dimensions that are not rounded.

Changing the width of the container from 990px to 976px and removing the unnecessary borders from the images and their containers would result in pixel perfect images.

@VinayChilukuri do you know who we should contact to solve this issue?