Marketplace Listings GA4: Custom events not working for install & request buttons in modal


The GA4 Interaction Events List guide suggests to set up custom events to track conversions that are being sent from marketplace listings.

This works well for “click” events with the “Cloud Try button” event label, since the user stays on the page and the modal opens up.

This does not work for me when trying to capture the actual install or request intent. The CTA click events inside the modal are fired and I receive the click event with the event labels “Cloud Install button click”, but custom events based on this event label are not working.

I assume that this is because GA4 creates these custom events on the client side, but the “Install” action is redirecting the user so the GA4 code doesn’t have time anymore to create & send the custom event.

Does anyone have a workaround for this? I think this is a bug on the Marketplace Listing GA4 integration.