Marketplace partner discount / economics

Hi All,
I am new to the Atlassian marketplace, I am trying to better understand how the marketplace partner discount works:
The licensing FAQ -
Shows the basic model, but does not include the percentage which may go to a marketplace partner who sold the app on behalf of the publisher, appreciate any guidance or pointer on that front.

As an example:
I have an app which is listed for $1/user/month for 100 user tenant, annual cost would be $1,200
I as the publisher will receive $1,020 if the customer purchased the app directly from the Atlassian marketplace.

How much do I as a publisher get when the app is sold by a marketplace vendor instead?

Thank you

The discount structure with the actual percentages that Atlassian Solution Partners receive when purchasing apps on behalf of their customers are confidential and not part of the public topics on the developer forum. You can search & access these topics by asking for access to the restricted area of the forum specifically for Atlassian Marketplace Partners.

Apply to Marketplace Partner topics in Developer Community
Apply for access for Marketplace Partner Portal


Thank you @remie appreciate the pointer.