Marketplace Reporting API Integrations


I’m failing to find anything about this topic. Are there companies that provide a service that integrates with the Marketplace Reporting API? As an example it would poll and then use that information to update Mailchimp when users trial, cancel, buy your apps.

Does everyone roll their own automation or what?


Pretty much, yes.

However, you’ll also find people that will tell you that you shouldn’t be sending out emails at all since they often don’t reach the right people. Imagine you being a Jira admin and having to install a handful of apps from the Marketplace. Now all of the app vendors start sending you weekly emails about how great their app is and how much they thank you for trialing it. I would expect these emails to go right into the trash bin in most cases.


That’s interesting because Atlassian does advise to get people on email lists. The Converting from try to buy page has a video called “Leveraging email to grow and engage your customer base”.

Do you have other ways to make contact with your users, such as through the app?

No. We actually had a system like you described set up and running but when we transformed from Scandio into Lively Apps we left that system behind and so far we haven’t really seen any negative impact from it. AFAIK there’s still a plan to bring it back up but it’s very low priority. We’d much rather make more releases and cool features instead. :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with @sven.schatter - the Marketplace contacts provided to us vendors is B R O K E N when it comes to Cloud (it probably has the same issues in Server ^H^H^H^H DataCenter.

If there are 2 admins for a Cloud instance and admin B signs up for an app - admin A’s contact info is provided to the app vendors… I’ve been on the receiving side of that and it’s quite confusing.

The contact details that we’re provided is really good for providing technical info or billing info. Not marketing content…

However - it is what we have since retrieving contact info for marketing purposes is a no-no in the marketplace agreement.