Marketplace Server and DC version maintenance

Hello everyone,

I am a Product Marketing Manager at Appfire. For several of our apps listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, we like to maintain slight variations in our app descriptions between the Server and Data Center versions of the apps (especially now that Server is no longer supported).

However, we have noticed that any time our team goes to create a new version of an app, the Server product details (highlights, more details, etc) are carried over to both Server and Data Center listings, and the DC-specific messages are lost. This requires a manual step for our engineering team to re-copy the specific DC content to the DC listing. I reported this to Atlassian, and they have added it as a feature request to their backlog.

If you experience this same issue, I would appreciate if you can upvote, watch, and comment on the request to elaborate further on your own use case and to provide the team with more context for an eventual fix. Thank you!