Marketplace submission "lacks details"


Yesterday I submitted a free Forge app for the Marketplace, but it got instantly rejected by “[BOT] Plugin Checker”. Reject reason is:

Specifically, your listing lacks details. Basic listings can be great as a starting point for apps to get onto the Marketplace quickly. However, your customers still require an outline of what your app does. We ask that you fill out the ‘more details’ section, shown below, with quick start instructions to help your customers understand your app.

I’ve created a (imho) very good and detailed ‘more details’ section that includes everything that I could find that needs to be included and more. Also looking at existing listings. I’ve even rewritten it 4 times and it got automatically rejected 4 times… very frustrating as I’ve put a lot of effort in the whole thing.

The reject notification also states:

We have reviewed your app submission for the Atlassian Marketplace and it seems
that your app listing is not meeting the Marketplace standards that all apps must
conform to.

But there’s no real documentation on what the requirements are for the ‘more details’ section.

  • Has anyone faced the same issue? And how did you fix it?
  • What are the specific requirements?
  • What are the criteria for the bot to reject an app based on its ‘more details’ section?
  • Though the reject reason states the ‘more details’ section is lacking details, could it be something else than the ‘more details’ section?

Thanks in advance! Some advice is highly appreciated!


Btw,I’m using the Highlights layout


I have the same issue. If you have found a way to fix it please let me know!

When you submit an app to the marketplace, your submitted version says Released by [your_name]. Atlassian immediately creates a version after submission that is Released by Marketplace Hub [Atlassian]

You need to make the Released by Marketplace Hub [Atlassian] version Public, not the initial submitted version that is Released by [your_name].

This is documented nowhere btw, very annoying indeed.