Missing add-on logo/icon during install process using UPM

We have developed our confluence add-on based on ACE :slight_smile:

Now we are ready for :airplane: .
So we created a new add-on in our vendor account and make it ready for the marketplace but in private mode.

I’m following the instructions as described in Build your presence on Marketplace.

But when i’m testing the install process, there is no add-on logo/icon or add-on screenshots visible in the UPM.

It should behave like the google maps add-on do but where does the entry /wiki/rest/plugins/1.0/atlassian-connect-gmaps-key/media/plugin-icon come from ?

Thank you

The icon and logo in UPM only work for publicly available add-on on Marketplace. As your add-on isn’t yet approved, those will be filled with placeholder images in the meantime.

Be sure to upload your desired images to your Marketplace listing as that’s where they get sourced from within UPM!