Multiple Forge modules under Global Settings

Hello All,

Does anybody know what happens when there are multiple Forge apps installed in a Confluence instance, and they all define their own modules under confluence:globalSettings? Are menu items separated / categorized by app, or do they appear mixed? What happens when the apps define menu items with the same names? Also, is it possible to sort menu items other than alphabetically?


What I found is that I’m able to install two apps that define modules with an identical label under Global Settings. These show up without distinction. Also, Global Settings modules for the two apps are mixed and sorted together alphabetically. Are there any plans to change this?

Hi @GaborDicsoMidori, my name is Engin, I’m an engineer in Confluence ecosystem team. Currently there’s no plan for it. If this is important for you, could you create a ticket here with some details why this is important. Thank you.

In concept, this problem is similar to a problem with Space Settings: Problem when defining two tabs under Space Settings

Let me clarify our problem and how we think it should be resolved by giving you an example.

Suppose there are 2 apps installed on a Confluence Cloud instance: App 1 and App 2. Suppose that under Global Settings, App 1 defines two modules titled “Global Module A” and “Global Module B”, while App 2 defines “Global Module A” and “Global Module C”.

What we see now under Global Settings:

  1. There is a section on the left titled "Atlassian Marketplace" which contains the modules of all installed apps. In our case, modules of both App 1 and App 2 appear in this section, which is very confusing:

Find new apps
Manage apps
App requests
Global Module A (can’t tell that it belongs to App 1)
Global Module A (can’t tell that it belongs to App 2)
Global Module B (belongs to App 1)
Global Module C (belongs to App 2)

  1. Modules are sorted alphabetically and there is no way to change their order. If for example the vendor of App 1 would like to have the modules listed in the order “Global Module B”, “Global Module A”, there is no way to do it.

What we would like to see:

  1. Under Global Settings, modules of different apps should have their own sections. In the example above, “Global Module A” appears twice under "Atlassian Marketplace". It is easy to imagine that apps define conflicting module titles like “Statistics”, “Users” etc. that are quite likely to conflict with identical or very similar titles of other apps. It is very confusing for users and it has a huge negative impact on user experience. One could certainly prefix module titles with the app name or vendor name, but that would look really bad and we think it is not a viable solution.
    Instead, we would like to have a clear distinction of apps. Under "Atlassian Marketplace", there should be two (sub-)sections for App 1 and App 2, each containing the corresponding app’s modules only:


Global Module A
Global Module B

Global Module A
Global Module C

  1. We would like to be able to define a custom order for our modules. The logical order of how we would like to arrange our menu items is not based on alphabetical order, which we believe is true for most apps. We should be able to add a field titled “order” to the module definitions in manifest.yml, accepting an integer that defines the order. Or modules could appear in the order they are defined in manifest.yml, omitting the need for the proposed “order” field.

Hi @GaborDicsoMidori, your suggestion makes sense to me. Could you create a suggestion ticket here?

Hi @EnginTekin, I created a ticket.

Besides this one, there are 2 other problems that we reported earlier but still got no actual feedback on:

When can we expect feedback on these 3 problems? They seem to be quite generic and important problems, especially the two about global and space modules.

Hi @GaborDicsoMidori, thanks for creating the ticket, can you share the link?

Space settings related issue should be resolved starting with this change, will respond to the topic too.

For the other 2 issues, they are more feature requests and product managers need to prioritize them.

Hi @EnginTekin,

Ticket for this topic: [CONFCLOUD-74191] Multiple Forge modules under Global Settings - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

By “Space settings related issue should be resolved”, which one do you mean? Organizing and sorting app modules separately (similar to this topic), or the conflicting tabs issue?

Hey @GaborDicsoMidori, conflicting tabs issue should be resolved. You’ll need to define route for the space settings module in the app manifest.