Need help in understanding the versioning of cloud app listing in the marketplace

We have created a new version of our cloud app by uploading new descriptor. The new descriptor has a change of "apiVersion": 2. So a new entry was created with 2.0.0-AC. This is fine. We specified Release Summary and Release Notes. And these are visible under version 2.0.0-AC.

But along with the above entry, there is a new entry automatically created with version 2.0.1-AC with Release Summary and Release Note “Minor version update”. See the screenshot,

  1. I want to understand what is the purpose of this new entry?
  2. What if I don’t make that public?
  3. What will happen if we push new files in the same deployment? Will this create another entry 2.0.2-AC or will it updated the 2.0.1-AC entry?

Note: I have already read the document at But that doesn’t make the above scenario clear.

Maybe not the answer you are looking for, but I’ve learned to stop worrying and love the marketplace hub bot :robot:

My best guess is that the bot simply does not take into account that there is already a manually made version. It just makes a diff between the previous “known version” (to the bot) and the current version, in which case it is correct that your descriptor is now different. The problem is that manually created versions do not seem to update the “known version” descriptor to which the bot compares (probably because they are in cache somewhere).

What I do know is that new versions will not be picked up until you’ve made this one public, as they are simply queued. The bot does not know if it was your intention to create a new version. I would recommend to always have the latest version marked public in order for this process to run smoothly.


I was inclined to make it public. How do you do it? Do yo copy and paste the Release Notes and Release Summary from the manual entry to the bot entry? I hope that will not cause any issue.

Hmm… good question, because you probably also do not want wachters to get the email. Perhaps in this case it is best to create an ECOHELP ticket and ask marketplace support to make it public whilst suppressing notifications?

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Thanks. Yes, heading to ECOHELP.

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